Honoring Our Volunteers

Recently we honored volunteers who help out at our Simi Valley Friends of the Library Bookstore. Volunteers were treated to a dinner from Presto Pasta and some candy and treats reminding them they are “sweet” to volunteer. The festivities took place in the lovely rose garden of the Simi Valley Library . Volunteers help us to sort through the many book donations we receive as well as shelve and organize books in our store. Some volunteer their time by serving as cashiers. We also recognized Susan Miller as our volunteer of the year. Congratulations to Susan who committed more than 700 hours last year to our store, and to all of our wonderful volunteers!

SVFOL Celebrates 50 Years

On Tuesday, November 19th, we celebrated 50 years of supporting the community of Simi Valley and its library. After a brief meeting where the 2020 board members were elected, founding board member, Fran Harders, spoke and shared how our chapter began and the transformations the group has undergone throughout the years. Simi Valley City Councilwoman Elaine Litster shared how reading has shaped her and how grateful she is for our city’s library and our support of it. Library Director Kelly Behle discussed some of the recent library events, programs and services, including Hoopla, which were made possible through our financial support.

Supporting the Simi Valley Community

Please note the following two programs have been suspended until further notice. We look forward to bringing them back in the future. Please check our website periodically for updates. Thank you.

Author Grants to Local Schools.

The Simi Valley Friends of the Library offers a Day-With-An–Author opportunity for local schools to promote literature, literacy and writing skills.

We offer grants to SVUSD public K-12 schools in the amount of $500.00 toward the honorarium of a school’s author or illustrator of choice. This gives the schools the freedom to bring in any published author or illustrator they wish. The grant may be used for daytime school assemblies, nighttime family assemblies, or even writing workshops for older students.Middle and High schools may want to pass this information on to their English or Art or Social Studies departments. Click on the link below to get started. 

SVFOL Offers Scholarships to Local High Schools

We offer the opportunity for graduating seniors with a minimum 3.0 GPA who plan to attend a vocational school or two-or four-year college to apply for our scholarship through the SVUSD Universal Scholarship Application. Students who apply must complete at least 25 hours as a Simi Valley Community volunteer from June 2019 to the present. They should include an essay not to exceed 400 words summarizing how a solid foundation in reading and/or use of the library has affected your life and can further your educational goals.